There's a lot we'd like to do. The list below is ordered according to current development priority; it is subject to change without notice! If you think something is missing or should be of higher priority then let us know.


Add support for moderated purchases.

Vendor Messaging

Allow users to send messages to and receive messages from vendors.

Vendor Reviews

Display vendor review details in the app.

Order Cancellation

Allow accidental orders to be cancelled.

Search Result Layout

Explore alternative layouts that will make better use of the available screen real estate on different devices.


Currently, the app is English language only.

Increase Supported Geographies

Perform the necessary pre-work to release the app into more regions.

Connect to My Node

Allow the app to directly connect to VPS/server nodes for searching and purchasing.

Public Search API

Add a public API allowing 3rd parties to search the index OpenBazaar listings.